Farewell your Majesty

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Here I sit, face wet with tears and cold cup of tea, in stunned silence. Today marks the end of an era and I have a sneaking suspicion nothing will be the same tomorrow.

The State Funeral for the late Queen Elizabeth II went off without a hitch. As I look back on the past 10 days of National morning, I realise that, after a fabulous summer of almost tropical proportions, it has literally not stopped raining since her passing.

I’m annoyed. After always vowing to go, no matter where in the world I may be, I’ve been struggling to recover from major surgery and as a result, find myself curled up sulking on the sofa, instead of queuing patiently in the capital.

Mind you, as a menopausal partridge I can honestly say….. I would have been a blubbering nightmare in that crowd.

Best Tweet Award

The British sense of humour, in even the most difficult times, never fails to amaze me. Huge heads up to @TheFreud, who raised a chuckle beautifully, in the midst of such a sad day for the country.

Make no mistake, both Queen Elizabeth and her beloved husband, the late Prince Phillip were well known for their wicked sense of humour. If you look very closely, you may well see Phillip at work in the 2 cars that followed the hearse….. MYT1 and MYT2 cannot possibly be a happy accident.

A New Day

Someone on the telly box asked “at what point does does the Queen pass over into the history books, and become someone you read about?”….

I turned to face my bookcase, full to the brim of history books. Stories of Tudor Kings and Queens and the dramas that surrounded them, I felt a wave of sadness. Of course, Queen Elizabeth II will pass into history, as the longest reigning British Monarch, but I for one am not quite ready to let her go just yet, adding her story to my collection.

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