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The Making of a Crochet Easter Bunny

Crochet Easter Bunny

Almost at the finish line, missing some arms and his tail, oh and a Jacket and rucksack of course, which is add a super special finishing touch to our Crochet Easter Bunny. The extra touches are optional… well the rucksack is, not sure about the arms, poor bunny. I have been trying to think of […]

What exactly are ACEO’s and ATC’s

ACEO's and ATC's

Whilst researching artists and makers all over the UK, I discovered an interesting, collectable movement that I’d never encountered before. I became completely fascinated by ACEO’s and ATC’s, and have started a collection of these little gems myself. What on earth am I blathering on about?…… let me explain. ACEOs stands for “Art Cards Editions […]