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Discovering Stephen

This is the painting that reached out, and punched me in the face one night, while I casually browsed on Facebook. Everyone has different taste, when it comes to art, and the work of Stephen Gent Art was most definitely my cup of tea.

I am not ashamed to say it, but I stalked him until he agreed to sell me the painting! This was the beginning of what I hope will be a long friendship, with an artist who has had to fight to be where he is today.

Can you introduce yourself and describe what you do?

Artist | Stephen Gent

I’m Stephen Gent from Blackburn I’m a recovering alcoholic and self-taught artist.

My biggest achievement was stopping drinking after 37 years of addiction then teaching myself to paint having never had any lessons. My biggest challenge was to build a new life without alcohol, now over 6 years sober I’m doing good.

how long does it take to Complete a Painting?

It takes between 10-20 hours depending on the subject. It involves preparing the canvas, drawing the subject, painting, varnishing then framing.

Where can people find your Work?

You can find my original paintings and prints at my online shop at the Silk Purse Guild, Stephen Gent art, I’m also on Facebook at Stephen Gent Art.


What’s the best thing about being creative for a living?

Being an artist and making a living from it is a dream come true. I love the reaction of people when I’ve painted a commission for them, it gives me so much pleasure, there is no better job.

Did you have formal training in painting?

No, I have never had any lessons. I started painting as a hobby to help me cope with my recovery from alcohol addiction then just painted something every day, it has taken me 1,000s of hours practice to get to the standard I’m happy with, still room for improvement.

What are your Favourite Materials to work with?

I tried different mediums when I was learning, pencils, pastels, watercolours but the one I stuck with was acrylics, I find they are great to paint with and quick drying.

What do you do when you’re not Painting?

When I’m not painting, I spent my time with the love of my life my border Collie dog TOASTIE going for long walks.

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Maker | Stephen Gent Art

  1. Rachel's Cosy Corner says:

    This is an awesome write-up. lovely to hear how Stephen has grown from not having any formal training to the artist he is today through a lot of hard work and perseverance.
    Well done also for the 6 years of being sober, another fantastic achievement.

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