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Pricing FAQ

Are you a talented Handmade business owner based in the UK? If so, and if you have a Stripe Account and at least five stunning items, we would be absolutely thrilled to connect with you!

To ensure that we can offer our customers the finest products and services that the UK has to offer, we kindly request that you provide us with a selection of photographs and links to your social media profiles. This way, we can showcase your exceptional craftsmanship and promote your brand effectively.

You can chose either monthly or yearly, once the free plans have ended. Currently the only plan available is the MONTHLY PREMIUM BUSINESS plan.

Absolutely! You’re under no obligation to continue, once the FREE period is over. We hope that you’ll fall in love with the Guild, but should you decide to leave, we will wish you all the very best for the next stage in your business journey.

We work exclusively with Stripe Account holders. It’s the best payment gateway for the software that we use, and we feel it offers the very best payment protection, for both the sellers and the customers.

In order to open a store in the Guild, you will need a Stripe Account and you must ensure that you sign up using your Stripe Account email address. This allows your customers to pay you directly, and right away, same as if you were at a craft fair, or your very own store.

As a seller, you are solely responsible for your tax obligations. Make sure that you are up to date with HMRC and fully understand the current rules and regulations regarding your tax. We found this resource particularly helpful – TAX FOR SOLE TRADERS UK.

The Silk Purse Guild does not currently support the sale of digital goods and services. However, we do support the sale of physical products at this time.

By listing your products for sale, you agree to follow UK legal guidelines regarding copyright, insurance and CE testing for your products, when selling online in the UK. Here are some really useful links to help you:

Copyright in the UK

CE Testing in the UK

The best article I have found regarding Craft Insurance, and all the in’s and out’s


Absolutely not! Your business is your own, and we are committed to supporting your growth. We have no intention of profiting from your hard-earned profits. Therefore, we have absolutely no problem with you directing your customers to your own website or Etsy store.

In fact, we would be thrilled to see you engaging with your customers directly. We are even here to assist you in building your very own mailing list, which we believe is the essential core of your business and a valuable marketing asset!

After all, these customers are yours, and we fully respect that. Your success is our priority, and we are here to empower you every step of the way.

We want to make sure that joining the Silk Purse Guild is a seamless experience for your Handmade Business. When you submit your application, we take the time to carefully review it to ensure that we are the perfect fit for each other. This process typically takes 5 working days.

It’s important to note that we currently only accept UK-based companies that create handmade products and are small in scale. Once your application is accepted, you’re all set to start enjoying the benefits of being a member!

The best part? The setup time is completely FREE, and your membership begins the day you open.

More Questions?

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