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We’re most certainly not a big, faceless company…

In fact, this is something I take great pride in. The Silk Purse Guild was created and built with the ethos “Making it Personal” right at the very heart of everything it does. Some say, “the very best things in this life, come in small packages”….


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Cuppa & Cake
Unlimited Listings
ZERO Commissions*
NO Quarterly Listing Fees
A Store of your Own
Access to YOUR Email List
VIP Secret Society
Full Access to THE SECRET SAUCE!

*Stripe payment gateway fees are available on their website.

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high tea
Unlimited Listings
Zero Commissions*
NO Quarterly Listing Fees
A Store of your Own
Access to YOUR Email List
VIP Secret Society
Full Access to THE SECRET SAUCE!

*Stripe payment gateway fees are available on their website.

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Pricing FAQ

If you’re a serious Handmade business owner, based in the UK, we would like to hear from you. You need to have a Stripe Account and a minimum of 5 awesome sauce products to qualify. All sellers applying to join will be asked to provide photos and links to their socials, as we are determined to offer our customers only very best products and services from the UK.

You can chose either monthly or yearly, once the free plans have ended. Currently the only plan available is the 12 MONTHS FREE plan, which will be offered to the first 100 LIVE stores on site. To get the COUPON CODE, you need to join the mailing list

Absolutely! You’re under no obligation to continue, once the FREE period is over. We hope that you’ll fall in love with the Guild, but should you decide to leave, we will wish you all the very best for the next stage in your business journey.

We work exclusively with Stripe Account holders. It’s the best payment gateway for the software that we use, and we feel it offers the very best payment protection, for both the sellers and the customers.

In order to open a store in the Guild, you will need a Stripe Account and you must ensure that you sign up using your Stripe Account email address. This allows your customers to pay you directly, and right away, same as if you were at a craft fair, or your very own store.

As a seller, you are solely responsible for your tax obligations. Make sure that you are up to date with HMRC and fully understand the current rules and regulations regarding your tax. We found this resource particularly helpful – TAX FOR SOLE TRADERS UK.

As a new business, we’re not yet eligible to pay VAT. Should this milestone be met, we may add VAT on to the packages we offer in the future, to meet our legal obligations, as HMRC must always be happy…… both them and the DVLA, just don’t mess with ’em lol

Absolutely, although we don’t facilitate automatic downloads. If you’re selling digital goods, then you’ll know all about the 20% Digital Goods Tax. With the fantastic VATMOSS scheme coming to an end, after the departure of the UK from the European union, paying digital goods tax has become an absolute mine field.

Sellers of digital goods now have to account for the tax in all of the countries they sell to, in various languages and currencies. In order to avoid this headache, for both you and your customers, we’ve made the decision to treat all digital products exactly the same as the physical products on our store. To put it simply, if you wish to sell digital products on the guild, you must be able to email them to your customer directly, without the use of any automatic download link.

This system actually gives you a few added benefits. You’ll have the chance to really connect with your customers. You can let them know about products you’re working on, as well as up and coming offers and sales. The Silk Purse Guild is not for companies wanting to provide thousands of downloads a nano second. We exist for small, handmade businesses who are willing to go the extra mile with their customer service.

By listing your products for sale, you agree to follow UK legal guidelines regarding copyright, insurance and CE testing for your products, when selling online in the UK. Here are some really useful links to help you:

Copyright in the UK

CE Testing in the UK

The best article I have found regarding Craft Insurance, and all the in’s and out’s

Hell no! This is YOUR business, and we’re determined to help you to grow. We don’t earn money off YOUR profits, so we have NO PROBLEM with you introducing your customers to your own website, or Etsy store.

We’ll be delighted to see you contacting your customers directly and will even help you to build your very own mailing list, which we feel is the beating heart to your business, not to mention marketing GOLD DUST!

They are YOUR customers, right?

Applications to join the guild can take 7 days to process. Unlike other platforms, we look closely at all applicants, to ensure that only the very best products and services are listed on our site. We are exclusively for small, handmade UK business and as soon as your application is approved, you are good to go.

More Questions?

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