Disturbingly Dahmer is Trending


The 2022 mini series, simply called Dahmer, has hit Netflix and exploded the story of Jeffrey Dahmer once again. The show has created a storm, with ridiculously high view rates, and an endless stream of chatter on the Socials.

Could it be true that this Monster has become a TREND? As the founder of the Silk Purse Guild I’m sitting here, filled with dread. Yes trends can seriously help a small, handmade business, but this trend needs to be buried and forgotten.

A Masterpiece

There’s no denying it, the Netflix series is nothing short of a masterpiece. Created by Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and starring Emmy Award winner Evan Peters, the show has created a storm worldwide.

The moment Evan Peters opened his mouth, my blood ran cold. It was as if Dahmer himself were speaking. This is the first show I’ve seen that brings the victims to the forefront of the story, which is exactly where they deserve to be. Astonishingly, considering the subject matter, it remained relatively gore free, allowing the incredible acting skills of all involved to tell the horrifying tale.

Apart from the glasses error, the show sticks true to the events, and the casting was eerily accurate. Jeffrey did not wear his glasses for the victims statements as he could not bare to see their faces.

If it bleeds, it leads

A well known phrase in media circles, it seems we will always be morbidly fascinated by disturbing stories like this one.

I’ve been studying criminal psychology for nearly 30 years, after coming face to face with a killer myself, in the 90’s. Unknowingly I found myself alone, in a car park, with a boy called Edwin Hopkins, who was bumming a cigarette from me, while I waited for a lift. I have spent years since trying to get to the bottom of the strange, creeping sensation I had, at the base of my neck. A physical symptom some people experience, when coming into contact with a psychopath. I have often wondered if this feeling is the real reason police officers get a “hunch”.

Edwin Hopkins was later charged with the brutal murder of Nuneaton schoolgirl Naomi Louise Smith, who went to post a letter, and never came home.

My interest has always been in the mental health issues surrounding these cases. Can they be helped, can they be stopped? Would it surprise you that every single one of them was caught by accident? A horrifying thought, don’t you think?

Trend on the Socials

I am a huge advocate of utilising trends for your small, Handmade Business. We’ve just run a Hocus Pocus marketing program, taking full advantage of the huge amount of chatter, surrounding the much awaited return of the Sanderson Sisters. The long awaited, much requested sequel dropped on the 29th September, and literally everyone is talking about it.

Getting in on a trend can seriously help you to get noticed on the socials. Just look at what Stranger Things did for Kate Bush!

Show some Damn Respect

I am literally dreading the trend, and what it will do in the handmade business community. I am already seeing an increase in “Gifts”, water bottles, T-shirts, mugs. It makes me literally sick to my stomach.

Never forget that this story should ALWAYS be about the victims. Jeffrey Dahmer ripped apart their lives, and cause unmeasurable levels of pain and suffering to everyone involved with the case.

As the Founder of a Handmade Marketplace, I stand with the victims and their families, and vow NEVER to showcase disrespectful, distasteful and inappropriate TAT here.

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