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Reasons to shop Handmade this Christmas

As the holiday season rolls around, and we embark on the annual quest for the [...]

Etsy Payment Reserve is Destroying Small Businesses

The artisans of Etsy, those who invest countless hours perfecting their craft and curating their [...]

Say NO to AI Generated Art

The Silk Purse Guild was formed to support UK makers, shakers and Artists. As much [...]

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Twitter is Not a Safe Space for Women

The Silk Purse Guild will no longer support Twitter, as it has proven to be [...]


1st Anniversary Gifts

10 First Anniversary Gift Ideas A 1 year wedding anniversary is a special occasion that calls [...]

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The Benefits of Buying Handmade

There is something special about handmade items. They are unique, and there is a sense [...]

Royal Mail Strikes for Christmas

The Royal Mail strikes have been the final nail in the coffin for many small, [...]


Our Nightmare before Christmas

There is a nasty undertone running through the Handmade community. After experiencing it first hand, [...]

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